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The Top Traits That All Entrepreneurs Have

When trying to determine which trajectory their career path will take, many young professionals consider the entrepreneurial route. However, this line of work is best fulfilled by people with very particular traits and skill sets, so before you try to make it as a solo business venturer, check yourself to see if you have the traits on this list.

If you have four or more of these traits, you can be pretty sure that entrepreneurship is for you! To learn more about this professional sphere and how you can make your vision into a reality, awaken your entrepreneurial spirit by getting in touch with the Michael E. Gerber Companies and e-books.

Control Freak

Calling all Type As! If you’ve ever been labeled as a control freak, or someone who insists on directing the fine details of each and every situation, you shouldn’t feel discouraged or offended. In the eyes of entrepreneurs, this thorough and target management strategy is a highly desirable trait for starting and/or running a successful business. So don’t stop being nitpicky; someday it will surely pay off.


Many of us might say that we like to make our own money and be rewarded accordingly, but this doesn’t happen overnight or in the majority of corporate environments. For this reason, entrepreneurs tend to demonstrate a favorable attitude towards making their own money and designing their own pay salary. Rather than responding to a higher-up in accounts, you get to call all of the shots on your income. 

Acting on Ideas

Perhaps you have a eureka moment or a fascinating concept comes into your brain during a nightly dream session, but no matter where inspiration comes from or when it strikes, what’s critical is acting to set in motion the execution of your vision. Most, if not all, entrepreneurs not only have great ideas, but they have great fervor and energy characterized by an insatiable eagerness to translate their thoughts into big shots. 

Savvy Saver

If you consider yourself good with money, you might have a knack for business development as well. Those entrepreneurs and professionals who don’t make it usually are guilty of making irresponsible purchases and wasteful investments. But if you know how to play the stock market, budget appropriately, and break even or hit the black on a consistent basis, you should strongly consider your potential to be one of the greats.

Curiosity is Key

Do you like to learn something new every day, or do you think you’ve already got everything figured out? Hopefully it’s the former and not the latter that you resonate with, because entrepreneurs are some of the most curious people in the business world. Whether it’s reading a self-improvement e-book to maximize industrial processes or learning a third language in their free time, entrepreneurs are always striving to enhance their knowledge and apply it in diversified ways to their work and personal lives. 

Take Chances

Those who consider themselves risk-takers or identify with a thrill-seeking mentality will be equally thrilled to know that entrepreneurship is highly contingent upon a high risk tolerance. The more daring you are in your ventures, expenditures, networking connections, and idea pitches, the better your chances of success become. So take a risk the next time opportunity strikes; you never know which door might open next.


Entrepreneurship is not for everyone, that’s for sure. But if you see a fair deal of yourself reflected in these traits, then maybe it’s a career path worth considering.

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