About Luz Delia Gerber

My name is Luz Delia and I AM a business owner by day, aspiring creator by night, a mother and wife.

I live north of San Diego, CA. I AM married to an amazing man, Michael E. Gerber, for six plus years! I’m grateful for the privilege to have been selected as the Transporter of 3 beautiful daughters — Lu-Venus, Lynnez and Amethyst. My children have multiplied my joy with children of their own– Lu-Venus with one son, Lynnez has gifted me with 3 perfect daughters, AND Amethyst has made up her mind to bring me the 5th grand-angel who will, with the Grace of God, be making his grand entrance this November! How exciting! I have a blonde golden retriever named Sunshine. We are both Pisces and love the water! I love nature, order, neatness, and harmony. I enjoy designing objects which possess the twin qualities of beauty and functionality. My favorite flowers are orchids. I take pleasure in taking photos of the sun and nature. I have both a heart collection and a unique rock collection! I will share photos with you!

Early morning sunrises and evening sunsets are when God Speaks & I Listen. These are my most creative times!

My intent is to inspire more joy in Your Life! There are things which I have learned over the past 25 years, and more I’m just discovering.

This I know: Your Well-Being is as important to me as much as mine is.

Why? — You may ask! Let me share a brief story…

On a cold snowy day, over 25 years ago, I had an Angel step into my life who totally transformed my life! This was Dr. Ann Wigmore! She endowed me with the offering – “Little One, Give Your Body To The World!” As I learned, practiced and developed, her philosophy for Well-Being, I personally applied and taught The Living Foods Lifestyle to my three girls, individuals, and employees, as well as CEO’s in major corporations such as Chevron, Sterling Bank, and William M. Mercer, I was clear that a detoxified and rejuvenated state of Being was essential for longevity and vitality.

Today, a new state of mind is awake and alive in my body, with stupendous, energetic results.

My Impersonal Dream is to awaken and bring balance to the 11 Body Systems within every Human Being so as to create a New Paradigm for Well-Being in the world, for ourselves, for our children and for our children’s children for generations to come!

I’ve discovered that in order to serve another wholly, I must first serve myself, Luz Delia! For my entire life, I did it the other way around! I always believed that in order to be a true servant of God, I needed to put myself last. I have come to the miraculous realization that that is not true. If I cannot serve my Self, I cannot serve you. If you cannot serve your Self, you cannot serve the other. Service calls for love. Love must emanate from within you. We are all Love, come to earth to serve each other, and by serving each other, serving God.

As I embark on this journey of my personal Well-Being, learning to love me enough to Be ME, and listening to my instinctive and naturally loving Messenger within, I find that my Being is attracted to all that is required to live a joyful and fulfilled life. And discovering how to share what I’m learning for myself with others is a truly rejuvenating experience! (TM)

Let me tell you a little bit about my business. My husband and I created a wonderful enterprise, the Michael E. Gerber Companies, founded in 2005, with the intent to Awaken the Entrepreneur Within (TM) every small business owner and those who desire to become one. My husband is the founder and creator of his first E-Myth company in 1977, The Michael Thomas Corporation. His story was revealed in his first book, The E-MYTH – Why Most Businesses Don’t Work And What To Do About It.

Michael E. Gerber is a thought leader! He’s a fervent author, with over 19 books to date and several more in production! 20 more are expected to be written and published by the end of 2020. In November, 2011, he was recognized as being the “All Time Small Business Author” by The Wall Street Journal. He is also well known for being the Systems Guy; The Small Business Guru; (a term coined by Inc. Magazine). He’s a poet and a sax player…. he’s got a poet’s heart and a musician’s soul! HE HAS LOTS OF MUSIC IN HIM!

My husband and I provide products and services to enhance and provide more life for small business owners and entrepreneurs as they awaken their impersonal dream to transform the world. Michael E. Gerber’s EMYTH point-of-view (TM) is known as the foundation for every small business person. It has been utilized and successfully applied to small businesses in over 145 countries, as a text for entrepreneurship in 118 universities, and translated into over 29 languages worldwide.

Our vision is to “Transform the State of Small Business Worldwide,” which my husband gave life to in 1977 when he founded his first company. It was then, in 1977, when he gave life to the DREAM, VISION, PURPOSE, AND MISSION of entrepreneurship, and it is alive today as it was on that very first day when he founded it. Our mission is to infuse that energy throughout the world!

Who will benefit? Our families, our Dream Team Members, our Personnel-Connectors, our Facilitators, our Co-authors, our Managers, our Directors, and every single one of our business clients — and You!