Making It On Your Own In America

(Or wherever you may happen to live)

A Radical Journey Towards Self Employment


What You Will Learn

Learn from, who INC Magazine has called, "World's #1 Small Business Guru." Michael E. Gerber who has helped over 100,000 Small Businesses in his 40 Years as a Small Business Entrepreneur himself. In This Amazing E-Book, You will discover how to shut out the crowd, lose the fear of failure, and start your amazing Journey Towards RADICAL Self Employment.

  • Advice that comes from 40 years of experience
  • Learn the steps towards thinking for yourself and moving away from the "Them" and how they believe you should do business.
  • How to Come to Grips being on your own
  • How to find the "Meaning" that will ultimately drive you towards your RADICAL goal of Self-Employment
  • How to leave these world's ideas, and think on your own.
  • Insights on how to develop the right "Questions" so you can determine the right "Answers."

About the Author Michael E. Gerber

Michael E. Gerber is a true legend of entrepreneurship.

Inc. Magazine calls him “the World’s #1 Small Business Guru” — the entrepreneurial and small business thought leader who has impacted the lives of millions of small business owners and hundreds of thousands of companies worldwide for over 40 years.

Michael E. Gerber is the author of the NY Times mega-bestseller, for two consecutive decades, "The E-Myth Revisited" and nine other worldwide best-selling E-Myth books concerning small business entrepreneurship, leadership, and management.

Additionally, Mr. Gerber has written 19 industry-specific E-Myth Vertical Books co-authored by industry experts, for Attorneys; Accountants; Optometrists; Chiropractors; Landscape Contractors; Financial Advisors; Architects; Real Estate Brokers; Insurance Agents; Dentists; Nutritionists; Bookkeepers; Veterinarians; Real Estate Investors; Real

Estate Agents; Chief Financial Officers; and soon to be, HVAC Contractors and Plumbers.

His mission is “to transform the state of small business worldwide.”