Our Manifesto

Our DREAM is to transform the state of economic development services worldwide. Spiritually and Economically!

An ideal. Something notable for its beauty, excellence, or enjoyable quality. The end game, or the great result. The higher aim. The most ineffable, most abstract. Asks “What if?” Performed by the Dreamer. Served by the Vision.

Our VISION is to Awaken the Entrepreneur Within™ Everyone who’s called and to invent the McDonald’s of Entrepreneurial Development Services Worldwide!

The act or power of imagination. Unusual wisdom in foreseeing what is going to happen. The mechanism through which the dream will be realized. Shows how to achieve the Dream. Performed by the Thinker. Clarified by the Purpose.

Our PURPOSE is to successfully inspire, teach, train, coach, mentor and guide our newly awakened entrepreneurs to grow a Company of One and turn it into a Company of 1,000! for each and every one of them to become a Master of Business Development and Design!

Intention. To propose as an aim. Enables the Mission to bring itself into reality. Asks, “Why and for whom?” Performed by the Storyteller. Enacted through the Mission.

Our MISSION is to create the Business Development System called RADICAL U™, the only trade school of its kind, the most affordable, productive, inspirational and transformational methodology for growing an economy of One to an economy of many, one small business owner at a time, Online, worldwide!

The task at hand. Actions carried out. Manifests the Purpose. Asks, “When, what, how, & for whom?” Performed by the Leader. Brings the Dream, Vision, & Purpose into reality.