You have applied The E-Myth Methodology™ to build a way to deliver your products & services at the highest level utilizing your system by staff other than you.


You have made a profit for a minimum of 3 years using your system.


 Your Business systems are documented.

You have built the methodology through which you transmit what
you do to other industry professionals.

Those systems are transferable.


You have reached that point in your business life cycle where you are ready to exceed the rate of growth to which you are accustomed.

You have implemented direct response marketing and desire to expand your reach nationally, internationally.


You Clearly see the value of being a part of a viral community of experts of other industries.

You are ready to make an investment, if chosen.


You are ready to stand as a market leader in your industry

CoAuthor a book about your industry with Michael E. Gerber

Expand your business across the U.S or Internationally

You're ready to seize the moment!

Are You the CoAuthor for your Industry?

... the professional for whom this story does hold meaning, who
can see the size of it and desires to participate in something of this magnitude?

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Become the One™

Become the One™

Today, Beyond The E-Myth and Michael E. Gerber Library stand among the top 5 most successful small business books in the word, published in 29 languages, taught in universities throughout the world, called by business leaders “the most important book” they have ever read. In Short, The E-Myth is the Gold Standard for all new business authors attempt to emulate. Millions of copies have been sold worldwide. That’s one of the reasons why INC. Magazine calls Michael E. Gerber “The World’s #1 Small Business Guru!” The other reason is because Mr. Gerber’s companies have transformed the lives of millions of small businesses owners, through his writings, facilitating, mentoring and speaking on how to grow a successful small or entrepreneurial business better than anyone has done it before.

The Opportunity is significantly beyond just writing an important book. It is to attract professionals, whether they be accountants, doctors, engineers, contractors, and so forth, who are intent upon expanding their reach. And even more intent on accomplishing that objective through a license, franchise or facilitating model. Someone committed to bringing along others to be inspired, taught, trained, coached, and mentored through the CoAuthor with Michael E. Gerber to turnkey their practices to scale them.

By establishing the paradigm for their industry built upon The E-Myth point of view, the author/experts become connected together into an extraordinary uniform and fundamental methodology and to a philosophy that

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