An Immersive Implementation Experience

Radical U™ is a completely online, immersive educational experience that puts *YOU* at the center of your dreams. Our instructors and classes simply inspire you to identify the passion that is already inside you and offer you the keys to channel it into tangible success. Founded by Michael E. Gerber, the E-Myth Legend, there is no other trade school for entrepreneurs like Radical U™. Register now and let us inspire the radical in you!

If You’ve Got the Will, We’ve Got the Way!

To begin your education at Radical U™, the only thing you need is the will. If you’ve got the will, we will give you the way. We know that you have a life, a job, and probably a family. We understand that if you are looking at becoming an entrepreneur, you’ve got things to do and places to be. We offer classes on your schedule and provide you the ways to implement them in the real world. Learn at your own pace, in your own place, using a plethora of resources we provide on different platforms.

What is Radical U™?

Radical U™ is an online trade school for individuals who wish to become entrepreneurs. Courses teach Michael E. Gerber’s Beyond E-Myth Legend’s proven Eight-step business-building system(TM) to inspire you to earn more than just a business degree. When you graduate from our program, you will have built your company of one and turned it into an enterprise!

You don’t just learn it… you DO it!

Once you have built your first company, you will have proven you have mastered the content, and you’ll be qualified to graduate. At this point, you can sell your business, run it, or replicate it for franchising. And, yes, we can inspire, guide, and resource you to make the best choices when you get there!

Who Does Radical U™ Work For?

It is true, Radical U™ won’t work for everyone, but it works for everyone willing to put in the work. Becoming an entrepreneur and a successful business owner, takes drive, determination, and an indomitable will. But, for anyone who desires to succeed and is willing to invest the sweat equity, Radical U™ will work! Leave the excuses behind and Awaken the Entrepreneur Within You™

Whether you are a high school graduate who can’t afford college, yet have a dream and the drive, or you are a father or mother in search of a new career, Radical U™ is for you! If you are a small business owner and unsure of how to grow or scale your company, or a professional practitioner who no longer intends to punch the clock, or a Veteran unsure of how to translate your skills. Yet, you have the dedication and drive to pursue it, Radical U™ is for you.

Radical U™ is perfect for:

  • Stay-at-home-moms (SAHM)
  • Small business owners
  • Professional practitioners
  • High school grads
  • Military Veterans
  • Working professionals who desires more out of life
  • The wandering dreamers with ideas
  • Retirees

If you have passion and drive, Radical U™ can awaken the entrepreneur, the creator, and the innovator in you.

What Does Radical U™ Consist Of?

A true Trade School should be much more than just lectures and textbooks. That’s why our Radical U™ curriculum is a well-rounded program that utilizes a multi-modality approach. This allows our students to absorb and use the information presented; however, they learn best. The best part about our Trade School, as opposed to a traditional online university, is that the application is to real-world practice, and the outcome is not just a degree, but a company you’ve built yourself.

How do we get you there?:

Weekly Training

Every week, you’ll learn a new lesson through the online portal. You’ll then go out and implement it in the real world.

Content videos

You’ll gain access to more than two-hundred guiding videos on the proven process of scaling your company to extraordinary. You’ll be able to access them at any time and replay them as you require.

Weekly Assignments

Each week’s lesson will be reinforced with assignments designed to inspire you to progress on the path to build your business core and systems. These assignments are much more than homework, they are you building your company.

Real World Examples

To prove the week’s lessons and the entirety of the program, the curriculum uses real-world examples of tons of Michael E. Gerber's past training materials to support you in each training session. This really helps to speed up implementation and provide the motivation to inspire you to successfully complete the program and build your company.

Hot Seat Interviews

Watch footage from our Dreaming Room Experiences and see how other business owners developed their big ideas. These hot-seat interviews allow you to better understand the material and how it directly translates into real-world applications and success.

If you are interested in learning more or you are ready to enroll in Radical U™, contact us to get started today!

The Elements of Radical U™

Radical U™ uses Michael E. Gerber’s proprietary Eight-Step Business-Development System:

1. Finding Your DREAM
2. Creating Your VISION
3. Knowing Your PURPOSE
4. Declaring Your MISSION
5. Designing The Job, Your Fulfillment SYSTEM
6. Designing The Practice, Your CLIENT ACQUISITION SYSTEM
7. Developing Your Business with a Turn-Key MANAGEMENT SYSTEM
8. Developing Your Enterprise with a Turn-Key LEADERSHIP SYSTEM


Find Your DREAM.

Michael E. Gerber, the E-Myth Legend, has invested his entire life pursuing his Dream of “transforming the state of small business worldwide.™” He has invested half a century translating his Dream into a replicable program to inspire others to find and follow theirs.

Create Your VISION.

Follow the path to discover your Vision and develop tangible intentional action steps fulfilling each benchmark to your goals.

Know Your PURPOSE.

Formulate the impact you will have on your customers and identify the need you are fulfilling.

Declaring Your MISSION.

Your mission is the heart of the entire process and will guide your company.

Once you have established your DREAM. VISION. PURPOSE. MISSION. you’ll discover how to build and manage your company.


Just like a franchise prototype, by the time you've completed the RU curriculum, you’ll have established your unique way of doing business – tested, proven, guaranteed – you'll have to make a choice about the company you’ve created. Stay with it, duplicate it, or sell it and get paid for it! All beautifully documented!

Reasons to Register For Radical U™

If you’ve found Radical U™, it is likely because you are interested in either becoming an entrepreneur or you are an entrepreneur who desires to learn more to grow and scale your business. We are glad to have you! If you are on the fence about registering for Radical U™, let us give you just a few more compelling reasons that you can’t afford to not take the leap.


Why Radical U™ Is The Right Choice

It’s Online

It’s online, on your schedule, on the go! Take Radical U™ with you wherever you go, and you have access to all of the courses and resources 365 days a year, 24 hours a day. You can work on coursework whenever and wherever you have the time. Best of all, all the materials are yours to keep and can be stored in your tablet or smartphone for quick reference. There really is no more convenient way to pursue your dreams of designing, building, and growing your own business.


We can confidently tell you that our program is not a collection of tips and tricks from successful business owners. Radical U™ was founded, tried and true, by the E-Myth Legend, Michael E. Gerber. The proof is in the pudding, and we’ve got vats full. Our program is not a compilation of business hacks, quite the opposite; our curriculum has been the foundation of hundreds of successful businesses.

Real World Application

Our methodology for teaching is not school-based academia; it is business-based and directly applied to the real world! Each student is immersed in the courses and experiencing education as a class of one.

It’s Affordable

Radical U™ is one of the most affordable business schools in the world. We understand that as an entrepreneur, your investments should be low-cost and high-yield, and we are invested in you! Your success is the cornerstone of our success. Current entrepreneurs are future industry leaders and experts. Invest in yourself without breaking the bank at the affordable Radical U™.

It’s a Trade School For Entrepreneurs

How many times have you heard that students go to trade school to learn a skill, while other students go to business school to learn to manage? Why not go to a trade school to learn to manage and lead your own skills? We aren’t sure why an entrepreneurial trade school is such a novel idea, but we are thrilled to offer it. Get the best of both worlds and launch your future success.

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